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Liam Taylor - Eight Versa
Liam is a Sustainability Consultant based in the Eight Versa Manchester office, forming part of the wider Environmental Assessment and Certification team. Liam focuses on leading Home Quality Mark (HQM) ONE and BREEAM Domestic Refurbishment (DR) assessments, as well as other sustainable certification schemes such as BREEAM New Construction and Fit-out schemes. This has allowed him to work on a wide variety of construction projects and environmental certifications across the country. Liam is a licensed assessor for both HQM ONE and BREEAM DR. His academic background consists of an MSc in Disaster Management from the University of Manchester achieved, as well as a BSc in Geoscience. He also produces several other BREEAM-related items such as future-proofing and material efficiency reports, travel plans, indoor air quality plans, and sustainability statements for planning. His educational background also means he is qualified to complete Natural Hazard Risk Assessments.

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