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As Head of Technical Services and the team’s specialist in building physics, particularly thermal performance modelling and moisture transmission, Yiota provides specialist building fabric consulting to achieve low energy schemes. With her extensive experience in architectural detailing and thermal bridging analysis of building elements, systems and junctions, Yiota provides consultancy services that aim to optimise the whole building fabric to reduce heat losses and condensation risks. She also specialises in dynamic modelling of buildings to provide advice in relation to energy consumption, carbon emissions, thermal comfort, overheating and daylighting, as well as modelling external microclimates and environmental conditions. As well as this, Yiota uses her expertise to help organisations measure and minimise their carbon footprint for Scope 1, 2 and 3. Yiota has a BSc in Architectural Engineering from the University of Thrace, Greece, and a MSc in Energy and Efficient Environmental Building Design from Lund University, Sweden and is also a Certified Passive House Designer. She has extensive experience in multiple environmental science software packages such as WUFI, TRSICO, BISCO, THERM, Rhino scripting, Energy Plus and multiple Computation Fluid Dynamics programs.

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