Real Estate ESG

Real estate ESG is transforming the way the property market is operating. As a non-financial reporting mechanism, real estate ESG disclosures go far beyond just the environmental performance of a property. Our team partner with you to create a robust real estate ESG strategy that can significantly increase the value of properties, reduce operational costs and improve the productivity of users. You’ll have the opportunity to showcase positive results by making assets resilient to climate change, reducing the Value at Risk of properties, enhancing the wellbeing of users and the local community, meeting regulatory requirements and certifying building performance

Delivering Tangible Impact

Building a credible real estate ESG approach requires an in-depth understanding of the built environment. After more than 15 years in the industry, we have the depth of expertise to support clients with the short, medium, and long-term risks and opportunities of their full property portfolio. We help you establish a real estate ESG framework that outlines ambitious but achievable targets whilst also diving into the detail of what will deliver tangible impact, and be verified by independent third parties. Creating a full proof real estate ESG strategy takes time, so our consultants partner with you to devise a comprehensive plan to improve the resilience of your assets over time.

The Real Estate ESG Process

Strategy Assessment

Make sure the process is simple and convincing

Alignment with Standards

Clarify that the board owns the company’s purpose


Tell your story and continuously improve


Get the purposeful behaviour verified

Benchmarking of Assets

Understand your whole portfolio’s performance with speed and ease

Annual Review

Tell your story and continuously improve

Real Estate ESG Services

We offer a full range of real estate ESG services designed to equip your organisation with the knowledge, expertise and guidance needed to drive such an integral transformation across your real estate portfolio. These include:
  • Strategy Assessment – We review your organisation’s real estate ESG strategy to identify material environmental issues and opportunities. We identify weaknesses that could impact the Value at Risk across your portfolio and provide recommendations to improve climate resilience, carbon reductions, the wellbeing of users, as well as other ESG issues.
  • Alignment with ESG Standards and Regulation – We identify real estate ESG standards and reporting requirements for your organisation. Our consultants’ expertise in ESG regulation helps you navigate through real estate’s reporting requirements and KPI disclosures, as seen in Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) and the EU Taxonomy.
  • Real Estate ESG Reporting – How you report your real estate ESG performance is essential to get right. Therefore, we ensure your goals and targets across your portfolio are ambitious but achievable, and also broad but verifiable. We help you set targets in line with your organisation’s mission so that we can measure and track efficiently across your assets.
  • Assurance – The way a real estate owner or user handles ESG challenges can affect their organisation’s performance and the value of their assets. We help your organisation to understand KPI data and insights to ensure there is no ambiguity with your ESG performance, meaning real improvements can be made.
  • Benchmarking of Assets – Having a large portfolio can make it difficult and expensive to verify the environmental performance across your assets. We use precise and in-depth benchmarking techniques to streamline the process of assessing your whole portfolio’s performance, significantly reducing timeframes and costs. We also have the inhouse capabilities to deliver environmental assessment and building performance analysis for your buildings where needed.
  • Annual Review – Integrating ESG into real estate is not a quick operation. Our expert consultants can partner with you to deliver annual reviews and ESG disclosures so that you can make continuous improvements year-on-year. We produce reports that consider environmental factors such as carbon reductions and climate resilience, social issues and governance strategies, so that you clearly demonstrate the measurable outcomes of your real estate ESG strategy.

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