Webinar Recording:

Biodiversity Net Gains and Rewards

This video will teach you: 

  • What the current planning policies and legislation are 
  • What is a biodiversity metric and how Biodiversity Net Gain is measured 
  • Our guide to improving Biodiversity Net Gain 
  • How to integrate Biodiversity Net Gain into your Net Zero strategy 

Eight Versa, formally known as Eight Associates recorded these webinars. 

Stacey Cougill, Director

As part of her role as a Director at Eight Versa, Stacey leads the ecology and conservation aspects of the business. Over the past 19 years Stacey has garnered expertise in sustainability developments for the built environment with a specific focus on ecology and conservation. 

Stacey Cougill - Eight Versa

Sara Curtis, Principal Ecologist

Sara has over 10 years of experience providing project management and ecological services for projects ranging from individual houses to large scale, multi-phased developments. As an experienced ecological consultant, Sara has successfully lead on numerous projects from initial first enquiry stages, through planning to discharge of conditions, BREEAM assessments, biodiversity net gain and European Protected Species license applications and implementation.  

Sara Curtis - Eight Versa

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