Webinar Recording: Climate Resilience in Buildings

Webinar Recording Thumbnail - Climate Resilience

In this recorded webinar, Chris Hocknell will explore what’s driving the need for more climate resilient buildings, the technical challenges to mitigating risks, and how to ensure durability and value in your resilience strategies.

Webinar Recording: Biodiversity Net Gains and Rewards

Webinar Recording Thumbnail - Biodiversity Net Gains and Rewards

This webinar looks at:
1 – What the current planning policies and legislation are
2 – What is a biodiversity metric and how Biodiversity Net Gain is measured 
3 – Our guide to improving Biodiversity Net Gain 
4 – How to integrate Biodiversity Net Gain into your Net Zero strategy 

Ecology Quarterly Summer 2022

Ecology Quarterly - Summer

Welcome to Ecology Quarterly, where we share the latest insights, news, and research from the world of ecology for the built environment.