Webinar Recording: Climate Resilience in Buildings

Climate resilience is a hot topic in the built environment. That’s why understanding the Value at Risk (VaR) for your building is becoming increasingly important. However, many of the current approaches are lacking high resolution data and detail. 

In this recorded webinar, Chris Hocknell will explore what’s driving the need for more climate resilient buildings, the technical challenges to mitigating risks, and how to ensure durability and value in your resilience strategies. In this session you will learn:

  • Definitions and relevance of climate resilience
  • A critical consideration of insurance models and their macro approach to climate resilience
  • How to evaluate risk from building assets using a ‘bottom-up’ approach
  • How to make your building more resilient in reality, not just in theory

Chris Hocknell, Director

Chris brings over 17 years’ experience of supporting the built environment and corporate world with their sustainability goals. Specialising in sustainability strategy development, Chris works closely with clients to assess and understand their carbon and environmental footprint.

Chris Hocknell - Eight Versa

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