The 3C’s of ESG Whitepaper is designed to give you a framework for your ESG strategy that is built on 3 fundamental pillars. There’s a real lack of consensus as to what an integrated ESG portfolio actually looks like in the real estate sector, so these 3C’s help bring clarity and cohesion to your ESG strategy:

  • Carbon – Without a comprehensive carbon measurement and reduction plan, you don’t have an ESG strategy.
  • Certification – Assessing and verifying your building’s sustainability performance is central to ESG reporting.
  • Climate Resilience – This can only be achieved when converting pledges into meaningful long-term action.


With over 15 years’ sustainability experience in the built environment we’ve provided this whitepaper to help create a more uniformed approach to ESG in the real estate sector.

“The cost of adapting to climate change is estimated to be up to $500 billion per year in 2050 and an average of $2.5 trillion of the world’s financial assets would be at risk from these impacts.”


Chris Hocknell - Eight Versa

Chris Hocknell

Stacey Cougill - Eight Versa

Stacey Cougill

Robert Franklin - Eight Versa

Robert Franklin
Senior Sustainability Consultant