The Minster Close project, located in Hatfield, comprises the demolition of the existing buildings and the replacement of these with up-to-date modern accommodation for over 55s.

Eight Versa was appointed as the BREEAM Assessors for this scheme by Press and Starkey. As part of a package to achieve a score of ‘Very Good,’ a life cycle assessment (LCA) and life cycle costing (LCC) exercise was undertaken, offering a potential of BREEAM 14 credits (including 3 exemplary credits).

Using LCA software, Eight Versa evaluated the embodied carbon of the proposed development, as well as analysed a variety of potential alterations to the superstructure, substructure, and hard landscaping that could reduce this impact. Undertaking this at the concept design stage (equivalent to RIBA Stage 2), 5 credits were achieved under Mat 01 criteria, approximately 5.4% of the credits required to achieve a ‘Very Good’ score; and 2 credits were achieved under Man 02 criteria, approximately 1% of the credits required. It is estimated that for the Technical Design Stage (equivalent to RIBA Stage 3-4), a further 4 credits can be achieved. 11 of the potential 14 credits are predicted to be achieved.

The LCA and LCC exercise allowed Eight Versa to contribute a sizeable portion of the BREEAM credits to achieve the target score, whilst simultaneously providing the design team with a number of options which could reduce the embodied carbon of the development. The scheme could achieve an embodied carbon of 320 kg CO2e/m2 through the substitution of concrete floors for cross laminated timber which almost achieves the RIBA Climate Challenge’s 2030 Benchmark.

Client quote: “Eight Versa undertook the Life Cycle Analysis and Life Cycle Costing at the Concept Design stage effectively and in a timely manner, which enabled our scheme to achieve 6% of the credits required for the targeted BREEAM score. We are looking forward to working with Eight Versa at Technical Design to achieve a further 3% of the targeted credits, their comprehensive approach and collaborative service has proved to be very valuable and has provided significant benefit to our BREEAM rating and project overall.”