In October 2021, recent graduates Tim, Julie, and Daniel all joined the Eight Versa Sustainability Internship Program. This program was a three-month placement, working directly with our talented team of Associates and Sustainability Consultants. With the internship now completed, we interviewed them to explore their passions and how they found their experience.

Key Interests and Passion

The interns are passionate about sustainability, ESG and the Circular Economy. “Working in sustainability is meaningful, which was crucial in why I wanted to gain this experience”, said Daniel. The substantial environmental impact from the built environment and the need to minimise this was of key importance to the interns. They showed a real desire to address the challenges faced in this space and help deliver credible sustainable practices for a variety of building projects. Over the course of the three months, the interns collaborated well to support our sustainability consultants and deliver successful solutions for clients.

The Nature of Our Internship

On this placement, the interns gained experience working and supporting the teams in our London, Bristol, and Manchester offices. They developed an understanding of our core services in the built environment as they attended client meetings and joined our team with on-site inspections for upcoming BREEAM certifications. As they got involved with a variety of projects, their enthusiasm and knowledge continued to grow. “Major cities, such as London, must now pursue sustainable development to support long-term economic growth whilst also safeguarding society and the natural environment. The best way to achieve this is through the adoption of Net Zero Carbon strategies,” said Julie.

What Did They Learn?

The interns found their experience with Eight Versa was conducive to their learning; “I wanted to gain experience across diverse issues, which are addressed by both Eight Versa and its sister company and certification body, Natural Carbon Solutions”, said Tim. This internship gave hands-on experience with unique and challenging projects that they found invaluable. Due to the company offering a wide range of multi-disciplinary services the interns could gain a vast and diverse experience of sustainability solutions. Our team evidently created a positive environment for knowledge sharing, as the consultants and Directors invested their time and efforts into supporting the intern’s growth. With this supportive environment they were surprised that even in the short amount of time on the programme they felt included and valued as they were exposed to so much. The interns also commended Eight Versa interest in developing postgraduate talent as they facilitated such a valuable internship that nurtured talent and invested in future careers.

What’s Next?

Eight Versa encourage passion, diversity and active participation within our ever-growing team. Each of the interns showcased themselves as friendly, committed and knowledgeable individuals to have in our team and so it was a pleasure to announce that Tim, Julie, and Daniel have all accepted permanent positions with Eight Versa. As new employees they are continuing to immerse themselves in each of the sustainability disciplines offered at Eight Versa and develop their understanding further. I was delighted to be offered a full-time position at the end of my internship, and I know Eight Versa will support me along the way by providing me with the training and certifications necessary. This will ensure I become a well versed and knowledgeable Sustainability Consultant,” said Julie.

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