Ilona Rose House is a high profile, mixed-use development in Soho, consisting of new offices, retail and residential units. The development involves the demolition and construction of buildings on a site bounded by Charing Cross Road, Manette Street and Greek Street, and the major refurbishment of an existing listed building on Greek street. The development is undergoing three BREEAM assessments, 2014 New Construction Retail and 2014 New Construction Offices and BREEAM Domestic Refurbishment.

Eight Versa was appointed as the development’s Ecology consultant, to conduct the Phase 1 Habitat survey, protected species risk assessment and BREEAM Ecology Report, and the subsequent bat building inspection and dusk survey. Eight Versa’s advice substantially increased the site’s ecological value and ensured full Ecology assessment credits were achieved.

During the initial surveys, potential features used by bats, including several ingress points that could act as bat roosts, were identified, inspected and confirmed as low potential. A bat dusk survey was carried out in line with Bat Conservation Trust guidelines and protected species legislation, providing clarification that the building was not used by bats. This early action ensured there was no delay to work starting on site and the demolition schedule.

Eight Versa’s suggestions to improve the site’s ecological value, such as planting that would benefit wildlife, bat and bird boxes, insect houses and a deadwood loggery, were incorporated, along with advice on the design of the proposed green roof. Eight Versa also created a five year management plan for the site, which detailed long term maintenance to the biodiversity features on site and contributed to gaining the LE 05 assessment credit.

The development is on target to achieve full Ecology credits and the BREEAM ‘Excellent’ target rating across all three schemes.