Eight Versa was commissioned to provide ecological evidence to satisfy a planning condition relating to the protection of bats, in support of the planning application for the development of a new Sports and Sciences Building on the main campus of Brighton College.

Eight Versa carried out an inspection of the buildings and trees on the site to determine the potential for bats roosting on site, and  Dawn and Dusk bat activity surveys in line with best practice.

A single dusk detector survey was sufficient to conclude the likely absence of roosting bats from those buildings defined as less than low bat roost potential. A number of buildings and trees with several suitable bat access and bat roost features were defined as having low, medium and high bat roost potential. In accordance with published guidance, these were subject to two separate detector surveys in order to reliably and robustly confirm the presence or likely absence of roosting bats.

We were able to conclude that roosting bats were likely absent from site. Precautionary recommendations were made for the provision of replacement roosts, bat-friendly planting within the re-development and also measures to minimise external lighting. These demonstrated that all reasonable effort was made to avoid breaking the law and avoid undertaking any works that will affect roosting bats. It also allowed the site to maintain its value to support roosting and foraging areas for bat species that are currently present in the area.

Eight Versa worked closely with the College and Planning consultant to meet the strict planning deadline in place for the planning decision. Planning was granted within the desired timeframe and delays to construction averted.