“SBTi may have defined ‘Net Zero’ but it does
not define true progress and sustainability.”

In this whitepaper, we provide a comprehensive analysis that highlights the shortcomings of the SBTi’s approach to Net Zero. We delve into the rigid and unrealistic design of the their methodology, which renders it impractical for many organisations.


  • Part 1 – Absolute Contraction vs. Intensity Metrics – what are the main differences and how does this impact Net Zero commitments?
  • Part 2 – Facing Reality  – Decarbonisation goals need to adopt a method that is based on reality. One that is more suitable to today’s dynamic business climate.
  • Part 3 – Realistic Approach  – We provide our empirically based recommendations and guidance on the best way to approach emission reductions and set your long term decarbonisation target. 

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