If you were running a marathon, you would need plenty of time to prepare. The same applies for the Race to Net Zero. Embarking on the journey to achieve Net Zero Carbon for your organisation is going to need a full race training programme. That’s why over the next 6 weeks we will provide a step-by-step guide on how to get ahead and achieve your climate targets.

Step 3: Carbon Committed

You have now steadily embarked on your journey by introducing your first two steps, Carbon Measured and Carbon Reduced. By this stage in your roadmap to Net Zero you will have understood your carbon footprint and found ways to make carbon reductions. This includes an understanding of the costs and commitments needed to achieve Net Zero.

It’s safe to say that you have now found your runners legs and you are ready for stage three, Carbon Committed. This is an important halfway point to Net Zero. The reason it stands in the middle as a key milestone is because you have taken stock of where you are, put the groundwork in to reduce what you can and now you are committing to an achievable timeline to reach Carbon Neutral or Net Zero for your organisation.

Long-term Commitment

As a part of the Race to Net Zero you’ll see many organisations committing to long-term Net Zero targets. For example, these businesses have made clear their targets:

Unilever by 2039

Heineken, Tesco & PepsiCo by 2040

Nestle by 2050

National Farmers Union by 2050 

• You can see a full list of companies here


These targets might seem far away but understanding that long-term ambitions are needed for real impacts to be made is a vital part of your commitment. There are several challenges that you could face on reaching Net Zero, such as time-based or financial restraints. However, with your commitment you are stating that you can overcome these challenges to achieve your goals as an organisation. You are willing to make the dedication and do what is necessary over the course of a decade or more to make a positive impact on the environment. That is not something to take lightly. It will be ingrained into your business long-term objectives and will become embedded into the culture of the company. 

It’s also why it’s so important to start now. We can all say that 20 years from now we hope to achieve certain targets, but if we don’t have a starting point and a clear roadmap, this timeframe will quickly creep up on us.

Making it Public

This is the time that you say to your market what you are committing to, why you think it is important to do this and why you are being vocal about the commitments you are making. This is where you are inviting the market to hold you accountable to the commitments you make. It will also boost your brand’s reputation and give you a competitive advantage as you demonstrate the positive environmental steps you are making.   

This is the time that you announce your commitments to your market, explain why you think it is important and be vocal about the commitments you are making. 1 in 3 consumers recently claimed to have stopped purchasing from certain brands or products because of sustainability related concerns, this approach can provide competitive advantage and enhance your brand’s reputation.

A New Confidence

Once you have verified your Carbon Commitment as the third step within your Race to Net Zero your organisation will have a newfound confidence in what is ahead. 

Net Zero should be an achievable target for all, but just like running a marathon, it will take varied periods of time for different individuals to reach the finishing line. But with the help of expert consultants your rate of pace for building sustainable actions will be established and ensure you achieve your goals.

Join us for the fourth stage of training, Carbon Neutral and you will be well on your way to achieving Net Zero.