Based in London, E.C. One is an award-winning jeweller specialising in bespoke, handmade jewellery for contemporary customers. E.C. One was the first jeweller globally to use Fairtrade gold but subsequently have switched to 100% recycled gold due to its lower carbon footprint. With these prior commitments to being more sustainable, E.C. One wanted to develop their strategy further and build their roadmap to Net Zero Carbon.

In line with their company values and customer preferences, E.C. One recognised the need to strengthen their sustainability strategy. To achieve this, E.C. One partnered with Eight Versa to assess, analyse, and certify E.C. One’s carbon footprint with data-collection techniques to clearly identify areas of improvement and implement resilient, sustainable strategies.

The Project

E.C. One’s facilities consist of a store, workshop, and office, all located at the same address. The project’s overall aim was to assess E.C. One’s footprint, identify key hotspots for emissions, and benchmark these to industry guidelines to identify areas of improvement to enhance their sustainability strategy.

To achieve accurate measurements, Eight Versa utilised different data sources to measure E.C. One’s GHG emissions across Scopes 1, 2 and 3. The analysis identified the key areas to improve their environmental impacts, and a report was created to account for the emissions generated from their value chain activities during 2020. Relevant and resilient strategies could then begin to be implemented, making groundwork on E.C. One’s pathway to Net Zero Carbon.

This methodology was adapted according to the specific needs and industry type of E.C. One. Accounting for the facilities, E.C. One’s activities, and the materials used to create their jewellery was crucial in generating an accurate carbon footprint analysis. Natural Carbon Solutions provided an independent third-party verification, issuing the label ”Carbon Measured”. This label is backed up by ISO standards and GHG Protocol and assures that the carbon footprint was measured in a robust way. Eight Versa were then able to identify the exact opportunities for E.C. One to reduce their GHG emissions, and recommendations were made to achieve this.

Eight Versa will continue to work together with E.C. One, helping them engage with suppliers and associations to strengthen their sustainable plan to achieve both short- and long-term goals. This course of action will enable E.C. One to reach Net Zero emissions.