LONDON – June 19th, 2023

UK-based Eight Versa, a multidisciplinary sustainability consultancy, has partnered with Ecologi to deliver a well-rounded suite of sustainability solutions for clients and bring greater clarity to the market.

Eight Versa and Ecologi’s partnership means they can collaborate closely and take a triangular approach with organisations. The three key sides of the triangle being: 

  • An organisation that wants to reduce its carbon and biodiversity impact, and offset unavoidable emissions with responsibly led projects.
  • Eight Versa who provide accurate and credible carbon footprint measurements, followed by robust and detailed reduction plans. 
  • Ecologi who provide a diverse set of leading carbon avoidance and removal projects that are verified and transparent. 

The partnership will open up a new corridor with a more comprehensive route to decarbonisation. By coupling Eight Versa’s footprinting expertise, with Ecologi’s suite of climate action projects, clients can rest assured they are getting complete, end-to-end carbon solutions.  Organisations are at different stages in their sustainability journey and so this partnership establishes an important alliance where clients can reach out no matter how much or little they have achieved so far. Often times, companies approach Eight Versa and Ecologi seeking clarity and direction on their carbon emissions as the market is riddled with ambiguity. This partnership aims to rectify this issue by supporting clients with real and accurate solutions that help them reach their long-term sustainability goals.

Commenting on the new partnership, Chris Hocknell, Director at Eight Versa, said: “This partnership is significant in many ways. It demonstrates that organisations are fully recognising the need of first measuring and reducing their carbon footprint as much as possible, and then requiring leading offsetting projects like those offered by Ecologi. When organisations have done everything they can to reduce their emissions, verified offsetting projects, like those that Ecologi offer, are an essential part of an organisation’s sustainability armoury. When implementing this complete set of carbon solutions, companies will have established a mature and credible sustainability strategy to be proud of. The noticeable benefits and genuine improvements that can be achieved via this partnership will be an exciting endeavour for any organisation who gets involved.”

Linda Adams, Head of Partnerships at Ecologi, said: “Ecologi’s partnership with Eight Versa means we’re able to further champion the role of businesses along their journey to net-zero, and offer tangible and impactful climate solutions catered to a wider array of businesses. It’s paramount that businesses calculate their carbon footprint and set their emissions reduction goals in line with net-zero targets. All the while, funding high-quality climate action to ensure that businesses can be a compelling force for good in the fight against climate change.”

About Eight Versa

Eight Versa is a multi-disciplinary sustainability consultancy with the expertise to deliver strategy, planning, implementation, and compliance. Eight Versa’s multidisciplinary team of consultants, architects, engineers, and ecologists rely upon cross-industry experience and in-depth knowledge to find bespoke solutions for both the corporate and built environment.

About Ecologi

Ecologi is on a mission to inspire and empower businesses to accelerate global action on climate and nature. Our 41k+ customers have avoided 2.6m tonnes of CO2e from entering our atmosphere through verified carbon avoidance projects and funded the responsible planting of over 65 million trees globally. Our commitment to trust and transparency has made Ecologi one of the top 5% B Corps globally for environment & governance, with a 4.9* Trustpilot rating.

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