After extensive growth, Eight Associates has become Eight Versa to help create a new direction for sustainability. 

Sustainability is growing in popularity, but also ambiguity. Many understand why we need to take action, but not how. Eight Versa, formally known as Eight Associates, has been in the sustainability market for over 14 years and has recently noticed a shift. Eight Versa’s name change is in response to markets calling for a new direction and greater clarity in the sustainability sector. 

Organisations are in greater need than ever to change course towards a more sustainable future but are struggling to see through the fog of ambiguity. Understanding that credibility and integrity is key, the market is clearly looking to demonstrate positive environmental achievements that are undeniable. That’s why Eight Versa aims to deliver a balanced approach to sustainability that bridges the gap between what’s possible now and the ambitions of the future. Whether it be an ESG advisory, carbon footprinting or environmental assessments for the built environment, Eight Versa is founded on credibility.

Stacey Cougill, Director at Eight Versa commented: “We want to make sustainability a possibility for every organisation. It’s an exciting time to be supporting clients with their direction change towards sustainability as more and more realise the possibilities for their organisation. Ambitions are high and so we are well placed to help companies achieve those ambitions, through pragmatic and realistic solutions that exist today.”

Alongside the name change, Eight Versa also offers third-party certification via Natural Carbon Solutions. Natural Carbon Solutions is a certification scheme that verifies your key milestones to reaching Net Zero Carbon. Whether it’s for your organisation, building, event or product, each certification adheres to the highest international standards such as PAS, SBTi, GHG Protocol plus many more. From August, Natural Carbon Solutions is releasing its Footprinting and Offsetting Protocols for full transparency and clarity on what clients achieve when successfully becoming certified.

Chris Hocknell, Director at Eight Versa commented: “Our Natural Carbon Solutions offering is a game changer. There are few certifications available in the market that cover such an extensive set of criteria than this certification scheme. It’s integral that when clients set off on their mission to achieve Net Zero that they have the reassurance of a credible third-party verifier. Only then can an organisation, building, event or product truly have the confidence to showcase their achievements.”