Learn The Fundamentals of Sustainable Buildings

Our CPD sessions on The Fundamentals of Sustainable Buildings cover a range of topics that help you overcome typical challenges in the built environment. No matter what stage your building project is at our experts can guide you through the latest sustainability trends. Whether for planning, construction or operation our CPD sessions are designed to factor in a holistic approach so that your building project can achieve it’s sustainability goals.  

Take your pick from the portfolio of CPDs on offer  below and we will arrange a time that best suits you to run the session for free. If there’s something more bespoke that you’d be interested in learning about, get in touch and we can coordinate how best to deliver an insightful CPD. 

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A Shift to Credibility: Certify Your Building as Net Zero

Learning outcomes: 

  • The difference between Net Zero in construction and operation
  • What’s included in sufficiently measuring each of these areas
  • The typical challenges buildings face on their pathway to Net Zero
  • How you can overcome these issues and confidently reach your sustainability goals
Chris Hocknell - Eight Versa
Chris Hocknell, Director

WELL Building Standard: Putting Wellbeing at the Heart of Your Building

Learning outcomes: 

  • The WELL Building Standard overview and what’s involved in the WELL certification process
  • Similarities between WELL, BREEAM and LEED
  • Features applicable to architects in WELL building standard and examples of design considerations
  • The ins and outs of the Performance Verification
Ivo Oliveira - Eight Versa
Ivo Oliveira, Lead Sustainability and Health and Wellbeing Consultant

Exceeding Compliance: Harnessing BREEAM In-Use and GRESB to Elevate Real Estate Portfolios

Learning outcomes:

  • Understanding BREEAM In-Use and its relationship with GRESB reporting
  • Unlocking advantages of dual implementation
  • Exploring beyond alignment – identifying next steps
  • Case studies and best practices
  • Navigating the path to exceeding compliance
Matthew Ramsey - Eight Versa
Matthew Ramsey, Lead Sustainability and Environmental Assessment Consultant
Ancuta Doroftei - Eight Versa
Ancuta Doroftei, Senior Sustainability and Environmental Assessment Consultant

Sustainable Retrofitting: Upgrading the Existing Building Stock

Learning outcomes: 

  • Understanding performance assessments and required scale of improvements for existing building stock
  • Navigating through the current and future regulatory and rating requirements 
  • The what, where and how of hot spot analysis
  • Triangulating impacts on various parameters of design 
  • The key to multi-stakeholder involvement and how we can help
Rishika Shroff - Eight Versa
Rishika Shroff, Building Performance Manager

Planning for Sustainability: Joining the Many Dots

Learning outcomes:

  • What sustainability outputs you need for planning applications
  • How to sequence the work for optimal performance
  • Where the linkages are between all the moving parts
  • Common pitfalls, looking at where most applications fall
Chris Hocknell - Eight Versa
Chris Hocknell, Director

Shedding Light on Daylight and Sunlight Assessments

Learning outcomes: 

  • Understanding parameters of visual comfort; daylight, sunlight and glare
  • Breaking down the assessment metrics
      • Daylight Sunlight Impact Assessments: Preempting massing impact on surrounding properties
      • Internal daylight assessments: Revisions to the BRE daylight standard and how that affects performance
  • Designing for daylight. 10 tips on design that can improve daylight performance 
Rishika Shroff - Eight Versa
Rishika Shroff, Building Performance Manager

Understanding Biodiversity Net Gains and Rewards

Learning outcomes:
  • What the current planning policies and legislation are
  • What is a biodiversity metric and how Biodiversity Net Gain is measured
  • Our guide to improving Biodiversity Net Gain
  • How to integrate Biodiversity Net Gain into your Net Zero strategy
Stacey Cougill - Eight Versa
Stacey Cougill, Director
Sara Curtis - Eight Versa
Sara Curtis, Principal Ecologist

The Bigger Picture: How to Optimise Your Lifecycle Carbon Footprint

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand what the latest policy and regulatory changes mean for your project
  • How to reduce carbon while balancing the energy demand, thermal comfort and daylight trifecta
  • What affects design decisions have on the Embodied Carbon throughout the building’s lifecycle
Rishika Shroff - Eight Versa
Rishika Shroff, Building Performance Manager