Building Credible Milestones

Kooth is the longest established digital mental health provider in the UK. It is now the largest mental health platform for young people, and they have expanded their reach to adults and international audiences. As they continue to grow in this space they wanted to understand more about their carbon footprint. By working closely with them to establish their carbon footprint for a base line year, Eight Versa were able to develop a clear decarbonisation roadmap with long-term goals and third-party accredited milestones. This helped Kooth achieve Natural Carbon Solutions certification in their first year and showcase a strong foundation for years to come.

Pinpointing Emission Hotspots

Our primary focus while partnering with Kooth was to comprehensively gather the available data to determine their carbon footprint. Through close collaboration with their team, we conducted an intricate analysis of carbon emissions to establish their baseline year. This meticulous data collection process is imperative, and by aligning our calculations with the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol and ISO 14064 standards, we ensured accuracy and reliability from the outset.

This involved pinpointing potential emission sources across Kooth’s Scope 1, 2, and 3 categories. We successfully collected all pertinent primary datasets to gain insights into Kooth’s emission hotspots. In instances where primary data was not available, we utilised secondary data and proxy assumptions to accurately quantify emissions. The findings revealed that Kooth’s 2023 carbon footprint totalled 2,195 tCO2e, approximately equivalent to the electricity consumption of about 433 homes over the span of a year.

After completing the final baseline, the results underwent verification by Natural Carbon Solutions, leading to the award of Carbon Measured certification. This validation affirmed that the assessment methodologies adhered to best practices and internationally recognised footprinting standards. Uploading the results onto our digital platform, Vero, helped them both monitor and manage the next actions with enhanced efficiency.

Kooth Total Carbon

Getting Granular

Finally, with the establishment of the baseline footprint, we delved into detailed discussions regarding carbon reduction opportunities for the business. We crafted a carbon reduction strategy report pinpointing key emission hotspots suitable for initial reduction measures. Additionally, we explored longer-term prospects for decarbonisation, paving the way for Kooth to achieve their desired objectives. Consequently, it was recommended that Kooth set a Net Zero target for 2050 or before, with a major focus on reducing their Scope 3 emissions. Moving forward, our commitment involves actively engaging with Kooth’s suppliers to ensure consistent high-quality data across all Scopes. This collaborative effort forms a significant aspect of their decarbonisation journey, providing the necessary granularity to attain their goals.