Ecosurety is a market leading compliance scheme investing in quality recycling based in Bristol, UK. Ecosurety supports efficient and transparent investment in UK recycling projects through improved infrastructure, innovation and consumer awareness campaigns. As the only B Corp certified compliance scheme in the UK, Ecosurety is committed to balancing profit with social and environmental performance. As part of their commitment to sustainability they partnered with Eight Versa to help build a decarbonisation pathway, and Ecologi to establish effective climate action projects for their mitigation needs.

Close Collaboration

When we began working with Ecosurety, our main priority was to conduct a detailed analysis of their carbon emissions to first establish a baseline. We collaborated closely with the Ecosurety team to collect and assess the required data so that our calculations could adhere to the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol and ISO 14064 standards. This is an important part of the process so that we can guarantee accuracy and reliability of their baseline carbon footprint.

The data collection process included identifying the potential sources of emissions within their Scope’s 1, 2, and 3. By working hand-in-hand with key members of Ecosurety’s team, we were able to gather all relevant primary datasets. Secondary data and proxy assumptions that were appropriate for quantifying emission were used in some cases where primary data was unavailable. It was found that the calculated carbon footprint amounted to 340.6 tCO2e, which is roughly equivalent to the electricity consumption of approximately 66 homes over the course of one year.

Once Ecosurety’s carbon footprint assessment was completed, Natural Carbon Solutions (NCS), the official certification partner of Eight Versa, conducted an independent verification of the results. It was important to Ecosurety to demonstrate how they aligned with industry best practices and internationally recognised standards and so wanted to achieve third-party certification. As a result, Ecosurety successfully obtained Carbon Measured certification from NCS, which further confirms the accuracy and reliability of the assessment.

Ecosurety footprint - Eight Versa

Building a Strong and Trustworthy Pathway

The next step for us was to consider where the reduction opportunities were and what achievable targets could be set as a result. We crafted a thorough and effective carbon reduction plan that we carefully explained to Ecosurety, assisting them in addressing the crucial areas of concern identified in their initial carbon footprint assessment. Our experts helped Ecosurety to review how they could reduce the energy consumption of their office operations and locate the areas of their supply chain that they should prioritise for decarbonisation. By identifying these measures, we ensured that Ecosurety established a strong and trustworthy pathway for reducing carbon emissions. Based on these findings, they have made the decision to set an ambitious 2030 Net Zero target and have started to fund key mitigation projects with Ecologi.