Driving Sustainable Practices

Croxsons is a family-owned business that supplies glass bottles and jars across the UK and worldwide. After working in the industry for nearly 150 years, Croxsons understand the importance of driving sustainable business practices. Partnering with Eight Versa, they wanted to establish their carbon footprint for a baseline year, build a decarbonisation pathway and set ambitious long-term targets achieve a positive environmental impact. To ensure this is done credibly, we aligned Croxsons’ plans with Natural Carbon Solutions certification for full accountability.

Gathering Detailed Data

Our priority when working with Croxsons was to understand the level of data available to establish a carbon footprint. By collaborating closely with their team, we were able to conduct a detailed analysis of carbon emissions to set out their baseline year. This data collection process is vital and by adhering our calculations with the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol and ISO 14064 we were able to ensure accuracy and reliability from the get-go.

This included identifying potential sources of emissions within their Scope’s 1, 2, and 3. We were able to gather all relevant primary data sets so that we could understand more about Croxsons emissions hotspots. Where primary data was unavailable, we used secondary data and proxy assumptions to appropriately quantify emissions. The results showed that Croxsons carbon footprint amounted to 24,036.2 tCO2e, which is roughly equivalent to the electricity consumption of approximately 4,677 homes over the course of a year. 

Once the final baseline was completed, the results were verified by Natural Carbon Solutions, where they were then awarded
 Carbon Measured certification. This confirmed that the methodologies adopted for the assessment followed best-practice and internationally recognised footprinting standards. It was then important to consider what’s next for Croxsons and how can they best start to decarbonise. By uploading the results to our digital platform, Vero, we were both able to monitor and manage the next steps with greater ease.

Croxsons Footprint - Eight Versa

Achieving Long-Term Targets

Now that the baseline footprint had been established, we were able to discuss in detail about the carbon reduction opportunities to the business. We developed a carbon reduction strategy report that outlined the key hotspot emissions which can be initially targeted with reduction measures. Then looking longer-term, we discussed where further decarbonisation opportunities will come from so that they can get to where they want to be. As a result, Eight Versa recommended Croxsons to set a 2045 Net Zero target. A big part achieving this goal will be through reducing their Scope 3. As we move forward with Croxsons we are committed to engaging with their suppliers so that we can obtain the same level of high-quality data throughout all of their Scopes. This will be a significant part of their decarbonisation pathway and provide the detail necessary to achieve their goals.  

“We understand that producing glass is an energy intensive process that has an impact on our planet. We want to play our part in ensuring we leave a healthy planet for subsequent generations and are glad to be working with Eight Versa to reduce our footprint as part of our sustainability plan. Eight Versa have supported us to set clear and robust objectives and a framework to help us achieve our goals. Their approach to the beginning of this journey has meant our team are confident we are moving in the right direction. As a business we can’t do everything but we must do something.” 

Tim Croxson, Chief Operating Officer