Committed to Delivering Impact

Aardman is a renowned British animation studio known for its Academy Award-winning productions and beloved characters like Wallace and Gromit, Shaun the Sheep, and Chicken Run. As an employee-owned business, they are committed to delivering a positive environmental impact and reducing their carbon emissions. They partnered with Eight Versa to help establish their carbon footprint and devise a credible reduction plan that demonstrates their ambitious sustainability goals.

Year-on-Year Improvement

Eight Versa has played a crucial role in supporting Aardman on their sustainability journey over multiple reporting years. We provided on-going guidance and advice on managing, reporting, and addressing the studio’s carbon footprint. It first started with measuring and quantifying their 2021 baseline footprint in line with Natural Carbon Solutions (NCS) guidelines. This was a critical part of the process as our experts could establish a strong foundation of which to base their reduction plan from.

Once the boundaries were clearly identified, our team worked closely with Aardman to outline a suite of carbon reduction opportunities in both the short and long term. This meant that they could better understand what ambitions are truly possible which allowed them to set credible targets moving forward. The work continued in the following years as our team partnered with Aardman to develop their own internal Sustainability Charter. This included annual carbon footprint measurements and reporting so that they could continuously improve their sustainability strategy year-on-year. As Aardman accomplished their short-term targets, they can confidently demonstrate each important milestone with certification. To date, they have achieved Carbon Measured certification with NCS for 2021 and 2022.

Addressing Production Spikes in Emissions

As part of our ongoing partnership, Eight Versa works closely with Aardman to better understand the environmental impact of their productions. This provides valuable insight into how each production contributes towards the overall carbon footprint of the organisation. Like any animation company, there are spikes in emissions during the production phase and so it was important to identify typical hotspots so that we could outline more sustainable methods whilst not compromising the quality of the film. This way they can ensure greater accuracy on their overall footprint and make more realistic assumptions about reduction efforts that are aligned to best practice standards.

We partner with Eight Versa to help develop a clear and actionable pathway towards achieving our targets. The team have been excellent in supporting our ambition towards becoming a more sustainable organisation. In addition to helping us measure operational and value chain emissions, Eight Versa also provided thorough and detailed advice on where we can reduce our environmental impacts in the short and long term. Eight Versa have been an invaluable part of our sustainability journey and have played a vital role in helping us reach our short-term objectives in a real and credible way.” – Sean Clarke, Managing Director at Aardman