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To Net Zero

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Natural Carbon Solutions is a pioneer
in carbon accountability.

We help clients have a positive long-term measurable impact on the environment. Our assessment, advice, certification and offsetting portfolio enables organisations to improve their natural performance and contribute to a flourishing global ecosystem.

Our Solutions

Natural Carbon Solutions helps businesses to make a positive and lasting impact on the environment. Applying our phased approach, all of our work is tailored to each organisation’s specific operations.


Analysing data for bespoke carbon footprinting.


Setting targets and creating a roadmap.


Matching carbon-offsetting requirements with a suitable biodiversity portfolio.


Validating your carbon status.

We always adhere to best practices and global standards and offer the opportunity to offset any remaining emissions with our responsible biodiversity portfolio.

Our Clients

We make it easy for organisations across every industry to become environmentally responsible. Our clients include:

Our Team

At Natural Carbon Solutions we are a team of forward-thinking sustainability consultants, analysts and scientists committed to simplifying the world of carbon for our clients. We pride ourselves on supporting you on your journey from reducing carbon, to carbon neutral and through to climate positive.

Our Insights

Through our work and analysis, we have a wealth of intelligence on the challenges and opportunities associated with carbon and the reduction of its impact. You can read our latest thinking on our insights page.

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Webinar: Higgidy's Recipe for Reaching Net Zero
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Webinar Recording: Reducing Your Building’s Footprint with Life Cycle Assessments
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